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Beer, hot dogs, and baseball

The University of Hawaii's baseball field at the Les Murakami Stadium.

The University of Hawaii’s baseball field at the Les Murakami Stadium.

Did you know I had never been to a baseball game until Saturday night?

I’m a graduate of the University of Hawaii, but during my time there I didn’t go to a lot of sporting events. I did the football tailgating thing a couple of times — but one thing I always wanted to do, but  never did for some reason, was go to a baseball game.

I definitely don’t claim to be a baseball expert (even though my team in Backyard Baseball was undefeated), but I do know enough basics of the game to know what’s going on most of the time.

Jake, me, Adrienne, and Chad sitting in the stands.

Jake, me, Adrienne, and Chad sitting in the stands.

That being said, my dad’s always told me that going to a baseball game isn’t really about watching a three hour game of guys hitting balls with bats. It’s really about the company, the food, catching some good plays, and drinking some beer.

That’s exactly what we did and it was great.

Adrienne got free tickets to the UH vs. UC Irvine game from her work, so after an intense day of kickball with some of my co-workers (and a cool down lunch at Gyukaku plus a trip to Lanikai Beach to unwind), we headed to the Les Murakami Stadium at UH.

We got there a little late, but I was surprised at how fast the game was moving, with a deadlocked score of 2-2 for a while until Irvine came back with a final run. (To tell you the truth, I was pretty pissed UH decided to lose the first baseball game I ever went to by one point.)

$5.50 for this HUGE Warrior Dog.

$5.50 for this HUGE Warrior Dog.

Hot dogs are just part of going to a baseball game, and this stadium sells what they call the “Warrior Dog,” which is like two hot dogs in one because it’s crazy long. It gets its name from UH’s team, the Rainbow Warriors.

Jake and I went to grab some beer, and the woman was very concerned that I looked like what she called “a little kid.” I was wearing the Creighton shirt from my brother and a crochet backpack…so I didn’t blame her. I looked like a young college kid.

I guess it’ll get better when I’m 50 and am still getting carded, right?

It was a great end to a very long day. I haven’t had such a full Saturday in a while, but all the fun was definitely worth it.


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