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Daily: Brother’s move-in day at college

Sean at the airport in Omaha on his way to college — 3 plane rides and 21 hours of traveling later.

I never got to do the whole dorm, or go away to college thing — and I’m completely okay with that. I was never really a fan of college. It was a get in, get out kind of deal for me.

I just remember that starting was hard enough without all those other things to worry about — like moving, living in a place without friends or family, making new friends, living in a completely new area (because there’s honestly no place like Hawaii)… there’s so much going on.

Sean’s going to tackle all of that — and move in day sounded like no picnic.

My family told me they waited in line for two hours before they were able to start moving in. Crazy, right? And that was after a day of traveling — three planes and 21 hours later, PLUS whatever shopping they did once they got there.

A picture my mom sent me of my dad with the loot — a microwave and a personal fridge. Sean’s set, right? Good luck getting him to leave his dorm room now, hah!


Sean in his dorm room.

IΒ hear that the college Sean is going to has a really good Hawaii Club, and I know he had doubts about joining it since he left Hawaii to get away from it, but I would think that this kind of club would be a great support system.

What clubs did you join in college? Have any good dorm advice or roommate nightmare stories? I’d love to hear them! Post in the comments below.


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