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Daily: National Beer Day

So it’s National Beer Day — did you know?

When I first saw someone post about it on Instagram, I was immediately skeptical. Who declares such days? I thought it must be sponsored by some bar who wanted to make a quick buck.

But behind such a shallow sounding cause, there’s actually real meaning (and history!) behind National Beer Day.

National Beery Day is the day President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harris Act — an act that allowed people to buy, sell, and drink beer. At the time Prohibition had been in effect for 13 years, and crowds gathered outside of taverns to get their first legal beer in over a decade.

I remember taking U.S. History and learning about Prohibition and thinking it was crazy that something so normal now was at one point illegal for years.

So to all the beer drinkers out there, a toast! To anti-prohibition and the freedom of consumption!

I brought home a case of Koko Brown, one of Kona Brewing Co.’s seasonal beers, so Jake and I could celebrate with dinner. (Actually it’s just an excuse to buy beer. But anything in the name of freedom sounds so much more noble — doesn’t it?)

You can read more about Kona Brewing Co. here! Buy local!



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