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Fitness: Music to improve your mile time

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I lay in bed thinking, “I’m not going to the gym today. Nope, I’m not going.” Then after ten minutes of sulking, I’ll get up and put on a sports bra.

It’s like putting on handcuffs. Once they’re on, there’s no turning back.

Highlights from my Spotify Cardio Mix.

Let’s be honest: There’s nothing more boring than running on a treadmill. You run and run, only to look down and see that you’ve been going for a grand total of three minutes. And you’re already out of breath because of the music you’re listening to. Sure your favorite songs are great to belt out in the car, but they don’t do much good while you’re trying to set a steady pace…

I’ve been there. That’s why if you’re competitive like me, you might try tricking yourself and make working out a game. My current obsession: Improving my mile time.

Every time I go to the gym now, it’s like I’m in a race against myself and a lot of the time I forget about the clock. If anything, seeing the numbers tick forward motivates me to move faster.

If you’re looking to improve your mile time too, I’d suggest making a whole new playlist of running cadences. There’s a reason these were invented, and it’s to help you breathe as you run. I’m not suggesting you lead the whole cardio room in a rousing military workout, but if you sing along under your breath you’ll be surprised at how much it helps! While some are pretty silly, some are seriously motivational and help push you along. I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now and I’ve already seen a dramatic improvement in my overall mile time.

If you’re on Spotify, finding cadences to run to is easy — there are a lot of different albums you can look through. Once you find the beat you like, you’ll be all set to be your own drill sergeant!

Here’s my current cardio playlist. What’s on yours?


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