Are you on Yelp? Let’s be friends!


I recently revealed that I had been tapped to join the Yelp Elite Squad for the year of 2014, and I’ve already RSVP’d for next year! I’ve been Yelping since 2012, but I only recently dedicated myself to writing helpful reviews on my favorite spots.

Let’s be honest, we all know I love food. I talk a lot about it here, so I figured why not put some effort into sharing that knowledge with the community! My Yelp reviews are pretty similar to what you’ll find in my Hawaii Eats section here on my blog — just more detailed. Where to park, if you need cash instead of card — all the logistics that make or break a place.

Yelp isn’t just a place to talk about food — it’s about giving exposure to things as mundane as your favorite dry cleaner or hairdresser. For those of you who don’t know, finding the perfect hairdresser is hard! So it’s nice to have a community where people share honest opinions about local businesses. In this day and age, social media sites have a strong pull on the reputation of a place, and your opinion matters!

Be sure to check out more of my Yelp lists or add me as a friend! If you’re planning to visit Oahu, I’ve got a great one called “Meals with a view,” and you’ll experience that classic, airy island vibe at every spot.

Don’t forget to check back! I’m always adding new places as I review them. For now, here’s my Yelp list of Oahu’s best happy hours all mapped out for you!

Oahu’s Best Happy Hours:


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