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Month in Review: Top 3 November Posts

I hope everyone had a wonderful and long Thanksgiving weekend. After Thanksgiving, I didn’t stop eating for a second…but isn’t that what four-day weekends are all about?

Aside from turkey day, November also marked the coming of Restaurant Week Hawaii 2014. Jake and I took full advantage by checking out the special menus at two different restaurants. I have yet to reveal this, but this month I also got invited to become a part of Hawaii’s Yelp Elite Squad! Are you on Yelp? Let’s be friends!

So basically November really was all about food. And family, but mostly food. You can really tell it’s the holidays when all of my posts start to become about baking — and boy, has my oven has been busy! Stay tuned for more Christmas-themed recipes coming your way…

Until then, check out some of the pumpkin recipes that made it into my most viewed posts in this month’s round up:

The cutest coffee shop ever: Better Living Through Coffee

3) Top 3 Eats: On the Road to Port Townsend

Nearly two months later and posts from my Seattle trip are still getting a lot of attention. This month, my top three favorite eats on the road to Port Townsend snuck into the most viewed posts. Port Townsend is a historic little seaside town about 40 miles Northwest of Seattle. We took a day-trip out there to spend some time outside of the city.

The post is actually called Top 3 Eats on the road to Port Townsend because my favorite stop was actually in Kingston β€” a town before you even get to Port Townsend. While you must sample the locally roasted coffee and the handmade artisan chocolates once you get to the seaside town, you’ll find my favorite hidden gem just as you get off the ferry in Kingston.

Click through to read more on all my favorite stops, including the incredible service and delicious handmade fudge at Little City Candy.

2) Recipe: Mini Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Muffin tin recipes are my favorite because they make life so easy. Just grab your muffin tin or mini muffin tin tray, grease it up and get ready for some pumpkin-frosted goodness. I made these for some friends who came over to our house one night, and they were a hit!

This is a recipe you need to try — believe me, no one will be able to tell you didn’t make these delicious mini cinnamon rolls from scratch! All you need is a few cans of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and you’re set!

Well… almost. There are a few more ingredients, but you get what I mean! Read the recipe to see what else should be on your grocery list.

1) Recipe: Pumpkin Fudge Brownies

Would you take a look at those beautifully layered brownies? I am both a pumpkin and chocolate lover, so combine the two and I am in heaven. This might be my favorite pumpkin dessert I’ve made all month… A layer of soft, pumpkin goodness sandwiched between layers of rich, chocolatey fudge…

You better believe I’m making these again soon. November may be over, but I think it’s acceptable to make pumpkin desserts until Christmas (if not year round). Click through to see the recipe!

What was your contribution to your family’s Thanksgiving feast? I actually ended up making a tray of pumpkin crunch instead of the beauties above. It’s a classic, and it turned out oh so delicious. You can see the recipe here!


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