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Review: Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop

Classic BLT Benny with a side of DELICIOUS potatoes. ($12)

Classic BLT Benny with a side of DELICIOUS potatoes. ($12)

There are so many new breakfast and brunch places popping up that they all start to meld in my mind — it’s hard to stand out with such stiff competition! That being said, when Jake and I finally got to try Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop one Saturday morning, I instantly loved it.

I felt like I just walked into my kitchen (albeit, definitely a cleaner version of my kitchen), and a chef surprised me with a spectacular brunch. The casual atmosphere, metal chairs, and bar seating right in front of the kitchen reminded me of an urban breakfast counter.

Their menu has just enough items on it to keep you coming back and interested without being overwhelming. While the Stuffed French Toast ($10) originally caught my eye, my stomach got the better of me and I ordered the BLT Benny ($12). Jake got the Smothered Biscuit Sandwich ($12).

Smothered Biscuit Sandwich

Smothered Biscuit Sandwich ($12)

The Benny is on baguette, which makes it a little harder to eat than if it were on a biscuit, but it was still delicious. The Smothered Biscuit Sandwich has everything that is good in it — jalapeno-cheddar scramble, a chorizo patty?! Be still my heart. It also comes in an adorable mini-skillet. After Jake licked it clean, he said he couldn’t help but miss it already.

Dear french toast lovers: In my defense, one of the main reasons I went with the Benny is because it came with what Scratch calls “smashed taters.” You cannot pass these up. I know you must be a potato lover (because who isn’t?), so do yourself a favor and get one of the breakfast dishes that come with these delicious morsels.

But you best believe I’ll be back for that Stuffed French Toast…

Bourbon cherry scone with pecans + Belgian cookie spiced muffin (served with a saucer of milk), along with a tray of bacon chocolate chip cookies!

Plantation Iced Tea! No free re-fills, though...

Plantation Iced Tea! No free re-fills, though…

Even if you’re there for brunch, you can’t leave without dessert. Funny story: Our server told us about the day’s specials — the Bourbon cherry scone with pecans ($3.50), the Belgian cookie spiced muffin ($3), and finally the bacon chocolate chip cookies.

We immediately knew we wanted to try the cookies, so Jake asked how many are in an order. Not understanding that we meant the cookies, our server told us by they come by the piece — so we ordered one each. Next thing we know, there’s a scone and a muffin with a saucer of milk in front of us. I was about to send it backs, but Jake stopped me. He wanted to try it all.

The bacon chocolate chip cookies finally arrived (4 per order at $4), and they came to the table warm. I took a bite and got the perfect combination of melted chocolate and bacon — then I was ready for a nap. While the scone and muffin were okay, you definitely can’t pass these delectable bites up.

You can be sure we’ll be back soon! (And that stuffed french toast better watch out!) Have you been to any yummy spots lately? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! And don’t forget — you check out more of my brunch adventures here.


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