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Revisiting: Sunday brunch at the Nook

Me, Ayaka, Adrienne, and Sachi at the Nook in Manoa.

Me, Ayaka, Adrienne, and Sachi at the Nook in Manoa.

Remember when Jake and I went to the Nook in Manoa? Well, I said I’d be back to try the mochi waffles — and here I am!

Let me formally introduce you to my best friends — Ayaka, Cecilia (Cece), Adrienne, and Sachi. We’ve been best friends since middle school, and after college we all ended up back together in Hawaii. We’re a group of working girls now. PR and HR professionals, an elementary school teacher, and a studio floor manager — all on our own paths.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I haven’t had a chance to see these ladies in a long time. It’s always nice to get together and catch up. Cece set up a brunch for Sunday morning, and we all met up at the Nook. She loves this place and wanted everyone else to be able to try it out too.

Mochi waffles

Mochi waffles

My mission was clear: order the mochi waffles ($10). After a short inner-struggle with myself (the eggs benedict was calling my name), I was successful. And so, so satisfied.

Let me be the first to say that I am not a girl who is easily satisfied by a slab of pancakes or a big fluffy waffle as my meal. I get tired of the taste and become full quickly — it’s just not as enjoyable as having a lot of different flavors on a plate. It’s why I always opt for an omelette, or some sort of breakfast sandwich.

But these waffles —  they are something else. They come out topped with a large helping of whipped cream and it’s just not something that will disappoint you.

The pork belly benedict with the kale benedict in the background.

The pork belly benedict with the kale benedict in the background.

Kabocha spinach salad

Kabocha spinach salad

I tried a little bit of everyone’s dishes, and the best thing about the Nook is that everything tastes so fresh and flavorful. I’ve never had kabocha before, but after Sachi piled a piece of Japanese pumpkin along with a few pieces of spinach onto my plate, I was surprised to find it too was surprisingly tasty!

Cece likes this place because not only are the dishes prepared with local ingredients, but they add an extra unique and homey touch with what they serve on every table along with the salt and pepper — homemade condiments. Freshly made pineapple cinnamon jam is in one small silver container, along with some house made hot sauce! If you ordered the waffles or have a side of toast to spare — slather on that jam! It’s delicious.

I never thought this would become a place I frequent, but after having such a good time with my friends today I could definitely see it becoming a spot we meet up at frequently. If you haven’t tried it yet, head on down! You’re missing out!


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