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Month in Review: Top 3 September Posts

September was a fun month. I stepped up my hiking game with my friend Emily once I found out she booked her ticket to Seattle — on her way to visit family before heading to teach in Thailand. (Read more on her adventure here!) That being said, I did reveal that Seattle is my next travel destination in October, and I’m still looking for your expert suggestions!

It’s also been unbearably hot here in Hawaii, which gives you all the more motivation to get up out of the house. (It’s not like it’s much cooler out there, but it does get you out of the stuffy room where your fans are only blowing hot air.)

Finally, September brought my best friend Adrienne’s 23rd birthday. I live to plan birthday parties. It’s completely stressful, but so thrilling to see your friend’s face when they realize what’s in store for them. Her birthday extravaganza is just one of this month’s top posts!

3) How to: Plan the perfect gal pal day

Every year we try to throw a birthday party together that will top the last, but always in a different way. This year Adrienne told us she wanted something “chill.” (What does that even mean?) Our best interpretation brought together a series of girly activities followed by a night of karaoke and drinks.

So what were the girly activities, you ask? Well, high tea at the Wai’oli Tea Room in Manoa and a mani/pedi session with pizza and wine, of course! Only the classiest of classy for my ladies.

Whether it’s for a birthday celebration, or just a day to relax with the girls — you’ll never go wrong with this list I’ve put together. Click through to see the full list mapped out!

2) Hiking: Koko Crater Arch

A lot of the hikes I did in September left me breathless. There were many long treks up steep mountains, but you were always rewarded with beautiful views. The Koko Crater Arch doesn’t only deliver on that promise, but it does so without making you work too hard for it. (Unless you plan on scaling the arch itself, of course.)

Everyone seems to know about the dreaded Koko Head stairs, but not many know about the arch that’s just on the other side of the mountain in Hawaii Kai. Click through to find out how to get there!

You can also click here to read more about different hikes in Hawaii.

Ribeye Tartare from BLT Steak

Ribeye Tartare from BLT Steak at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival.

1) Corks & Forks: Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

I love wine. I could leave it at that, but my dad reads my blog and he says I sound like an alcoholic.

That being said, I also love food. The Corks & Forks event at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is one of the highlights of my year. With 20 celebrity chefs offering delicious dishes and 20 of the Napa Valley’s Greatest Wine Estate — each pouring one of their best wines — what else could you ask for? (A cheese sampler, maybe, but you don’t have to ask because they had one of those too!)

It was a beautiful evening on top of the Hawaii Convention Center’s rooftop garden. I already can’t wait to see what they come up with next year! Click through to see some of the dishes from the event.


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