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How to: Plan the perfect gal pal day

Adrienne, the birthday girl, all decked out at Wai’oli Tea Room in Manoa.

My best friend Adrienne’s birthday is this week — and everyone knows you can’t properly celebrate on a weekday, so we decided to start the festivities early this past weekend with a day of girly activities (followed by nighttime shenanigans).

To me, the perfect day out with the girls consisted of: tea and nails. So naturally, the first stop was a fancy tea party at Wai’oli Tea Room in Manoa.

You know how there are those scenes in movies where people are just outside on their porch drinking homemade ice tea from ice cold glass pitchers? Well that’s what it feels likeย there.

Finger sandwiches, scones, and sweets.

This historic tea room nestled in Manoa Valley serves breakfast and lunch during the weekend, but we made a reservation for Afternoon Tea — the Wai’oli Afternoon Tea package to be specific, which came out to $27 per person.

If you’re planning your own Afternoon Tea session with friends or family, be sure to make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. (You can click here to reserve your table today.)

Breakfast 8:00 a.m. – Noon
Lunch:ย  Noon to 2:00 p.m.
Afternoon Tea:ย Seating Daily by Reservations

Smelling the teas before we make our decision.

After checking in at the front desk, you’ll be escorted to your table on the porch where on a nice cool day you’ll catch a pleasant breeze as you sip your tea. (And yes, you can get a pitcher of that plantation ice tea!) Unfortunately for us, the trade winds were no where to be felt.

Since there were five of us, our table was set with five tea pots and five place settings. Our waitress brought the tea cart around and we got to smell their large assortment of herbal and flowery teas. After selecting five, two tiered trays of hors d’oeuvres graced our table — full of sweet treats, tea sandwiches, and freshly baked scones.

They even bring out some homemade creme fraiche and flavored whipped butter — and honey, at your request. My recommendation is to try the Chocolate Mint tea. That and a brownie was the perfect meal finisher — delicious.

Mani pedis at The Nailery Hawaii!

Mani pedis at The Nailery Hawaii!

The second stop of Adrienne’s birthday adventure brought us to The Nailery Hawaii — but not before we picked up a pizza from the Papa John’s next door and a big bottle of wine from Don Quijote across the street. (And some secret cupcakes from Hokulani Bake Shop — the three newest seasonal flavors: chai, Okinawan sweet potato, and mocha.)

This place is so accommodating — I can’t say enough good things about it. Before we went, I read Yelp reviews that said this place does a lot of bridal parties, so they’ll set up a table where your party can eat and drink before your appointment. They did that for us and more. Dexter, a nail artist and the owner here, went out to buy us a corkscrew because we forgot to bring one.

Talk about amazing service! They go above and beyond to make your event special.

Emily getting her pedicure before a night out on the town.

Emily getting her pedicure before a night out on the town.

The three of us who got manicures.

The three of us who got manicures.

As we were finishing up the food we brought while looking through pamphlets and colors, deciding what we wanted, two women came to take away the ladies in our party who were getting pedicures. Soon after, Ayaka and I were shown to our stations where we would have our nails done.

My gel manicure came out to about $35 before tax and tip, but they did a beautiful job on everyone’s hands and feet. Adrienne’s are the french tips there in the picture above, and Ayaka (true to form) came out with pink nails.

And with that, our perfect day with the girls came to an end — but the fun definitely wasn’t over yet. We decided to bring the boyfriends into the celebration.

They met us at the Study (a lounge at the Modern hotel) for a quick round of drinks because we wanted a classy environment to show off our newly done nails. Quickly figuring out that we were unwilling to buy more than one $13 cocktail, we moved the party to an old classic: Cafe Gangnam.

If you’re looking for soju shots and karaoke, you’re guaranteed a good time. And we sure had a great one.

What are your favorite things to do with your gal pals? List them in the comments!


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