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Month in Review: Top 3 July Posts

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

As it continues to dominate my heart, Las Vegas also dominated Brickberry’s stats this month. It was one of the two trips I went on, including my most recent to Hilo on the Big Island.

I did three main posts on the trip, and all three of them ended up as the most viewed! Guess that proves that everybody loves Vegas, huh? It was my first time going, and I already can’t get enough. Jake and I are sure to plan our own trip back out there soon!

So here you go, the top 3 posts on Brickberry this month — all about Vegas!

Watching the Bellagio fountain show before a night on the town!

Watching the Bellagio fountain show before a night on the town!

3) Las Vegas 101: How to get the VIP clubbing experience

How much of your life do you think you waste standing in lines? Well with the help of Chris Hornak and his guest list service, all you’ve got to do is tell him which club you want to go and when, and he’ll tell you when to show up so you’ll spend less time waiting!

The best part? It’s absolutely free — and as long as you get there when he tells you too, you’re guaranteed a very short wait — something rare in the Vegas club scene. Ladies, you know you’re always golden, but fellas — Chris will show you some love and get you in with free covers too!

If you want the VIP clubbing experience during your stay, you’ll click that link!

Enjoying some Fat Tuesdays on the strip!

2)Β Travel: Las Vegas, miss you already

The highlights of my trip to Vegas, and the details of how we got around! My friends and I stayed at Bally’s, a great central location with a nice, homey feel. It’s also on the monorail route — which is pretty convenient if you plan to get up and down the strip quickly and don’t want to pay cab fairs or sit in traffic.

Here you’ll also find the story of how I won $110 the first time I set foot in a casino.

Click through for some valuable tips on how to navigate the Strip!

Monster Eggs Benedict at Hash House a go go

Monster Eggs Benedict at Hash House a go go. (Image Courtesy: Ayaka, @AyakaPalms)

1)Β Las Vegas: Top 5 Food Experiences

Let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that vacations are all about food — it’s about eating what you want, when you want, without worry. And boy did we do just that. If you click the link, you’ll quickly see that the portion sizes in Vegas are huge! Leaving you ready for a well-deserved nap.

This photo here is of the Chicken Eggs Benedict my friend Ayaka ordered at Hash House a go go at the Quad. Can you guess how surprised she looked when this came out?

Click the link to see what other goodies we digested! Warning: You will get hungry.


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