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Travel: Las Vegas, miss you already

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Remember last month? When I said I wanted to bring a consistent posting pattern back to this blog? Well we can go ahead and blame this rough start of July on my trip to Vegas.

My friends and I finally matched up our schedules, gathered our money and courage, and set out for an adventure! We booked a great hotel and airfare deal on Expedia that landed us at a hotel on the strip (Bally’s, a very central and homey location), plus a daily $20 meal credit.

$20 doesn’t go far in Vegas unless you stick it in a slot machine and win big, but we used it to buy the essentials. And when I say essentials, I mean water and orange juice for those impending hangovers.

In our Bally's hotel room.

In our Bally’s hotel room.

The High Roller!

The High Roller!

Our hotel room was very spacious for four people and had a great view of the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel. Aside from being a central location on the Strip (just minutes away from Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio), Bally’s is also one of the stops on the monorail line. It goes as far as MGM, and also makes stops at The Flamingo/Caesar’s Palace, and even Harrah’s/The Quad.

Monorail passes are a great investment if you don’t plan to take cabs everywhere. And believe me, by day three you may want to. Our feet were hurting. I’d say invest in a three day pass at $28. A single ride is $5, and a day pass is $12. So plan accordingly!

Inside The Venetian hotel!

Inside The Venetian hotel!

One of the things I loved most about Vegas? Drinking whenever and wherever you wanted. The Fat Tuesday chain, who had store fronts at various locations all over the strip, made sure our cups were always refilled — for a discounted price. What’s a Fat Tuesday? Only the greatest thing ever: Spiked slushies. AndΒ did I mention? Extra shots for $1.

I also found out that I like gambling (whoops). We put our names down for breakfast at Hash House a go go at the Quad and ended up having a 45 minutes wait. We killed time by going downstairs to the casino — and I ended up winning $110! Talk about beginners luck.

There are so many things to do and see in Las Vegas — we definitely did as much as we could. Keep checking back for more inside tips on getting the VIP clubbing experienceΒ (skipping the line and free drinks!), and for the food highlights of the trip.


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