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Dole Plantation: GoPro Style

On the road to Dole Plantation in Wahiawa!

Sticking my GoPro out the sunroof. On the road to Dole Plantation in Wahiawa!

This past weekend was the first official day of Summer! You might not think that makes a difference year round in Hawaii, but just knowing that it’s summer makes each day feel that much warmer and more relaxed.

My family has been getting together to do something fun every Sunday while my brother is home from college. Our last excursion brought us to Dole Plantation (a place we visited during our Circle Island Tour). While we’ve been there multiple times just to get some famous pineapple soft serve, we hadn’t done the maze together in a long time.

I got a GoPro for my birthday, so I was anxious to try it out and get some neat vantage points of the maze there. I was already testing it out throughย the sunroof of the car on our way there.

Inside the Dole Plantation Maze.

Inside the Dole Plantation Maze.

What maze you ask? Well it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for 2008 World’s Largest Maze and is made up of 14,000 local Hawaiian plants. Here’s a look inside. It was created in 1997 and later expanded in 2007. There’s 2.46 miles of pathway inside, so you’re in for a work out while the hot sun beats down!

Before you head into the maze, you buy your ticket at the booth near the maze entrance. At this point, depending on what you want to do that day, you can either just buy a maze ticket, or you can buy the maze + train combo, where you’ll be able to ride the train later (another popular attraction that leads you through their pineapple fields). We bought the combo.

Pick up a map and a stencil before you head in!

Fill out each stencil in the maze.

Fill out each stencil in the maze.

A few tips:ย 

  1. Don’t forget to ask for Kama’aina rate if you’re from the islands! Just present your Hawaii ID.
  2. Make sure to bring your sunscreen. We forgot, and the gift shop doesn’t sell any. (Really?)

After you buy your ticket you’ll receive a map of the maze (and you’ll see that from the air it looks like a giant pineapple!), as well as a stencil sheet that you’ll fill out as you locate every station inside. Don’t forget to grab a pencil!

At this point you can either decide to follow the map diligently, or try your luck and venture out into the maze based on your directional intuition and sharp senses (and maybe a bit of luck). We chose to follow the map, which is hard enough.

The Kauai station inside the maze.

The Kauai station inside the maze.

Your objective is to find all eight stations inside the maze.

The little colored dots on your map indicate where each station is located. In the picture above, we’re at the Kauai station. Each tells you a little about one of the Hawaiian islands. You can read about it if you want, then stick your stencil sheet inside the silver box on the sign, and trace in the symbol.

As you saw earlier, I’m an expert stenciler. My sea urchin was on point.



Once you’ve found all eight stations, head back to the beginning of the maze to get your stencil stamped with a finish time to see how long it took you to complete. We took exactly one hour — clocked in at 10:31 am, and finished at 11:31 am!

If you’ve ever done the maze, how long did it take you? Jot down your finish time in the comments!

Also, if you get tired during your wanderings inside the maze, there is an open space in the center with a few benches you can rest at. Otherwise, my suggestion to you is to finish as quickly as possible so that you can get to this…

Pineapple soft serve! Drizzled in caramel.

Pineapple soft serve! Drizzled in caramel.



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