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HiBlend: The Ultimate Hangover Cure

Photo by Cecilia Chung (Twitter: @ceciliauc)

If you were like me this morning, you were hungover. My friends surprised me with an early birthday dinner followed by a night full of alcohol. And I paid for it — with my health.

My dad always tells me to drink orange juice when I’m hungover. Replenish my system, get some nutrients back in my body and all that jazz. It’s true though — it’s amazing what a dash of Vitamin C will do for you. I always feel instantly better.

Unfortunately we don’t have OJ in the fridge right now, so when I saw a snap chat from my friend Cece of these adorable mason jars filled with green smoothie goodness, I knew I had to get there for some liquid strength.

HiBlend on Keeaumoku in the Samsung Plaza.

HiBlend on Keeaumoku in the Samsung Plaza.

The smoothies are from HiBlend, a cafe and health bar on Keeaumoku in the Samsung Plaza. (If you’re familiar with Cafe Gagnam, it’s in that same lot.) Smoothies are one of their many specialties, along with coffee, teas, juices — even sandwiches and salads. They also have waffles. (I’m going to need to stop by for a breakfast or brunch to try these out. They look amazing.)

As far as sandwiches go, Cece recommends the BALT sandwich (Peppercorn steakhouse bacon, Waialua butter avocado, Hawaii Kai farm kale lettuce with local tomato slices.)

This place is all about supporting local produce. Their farm fresh to table ingredients are all organic. I seriously could taste the freshness after just one sip of my smoothie.

Below is their Tropical Trip smoothie — seriously, so smooth and so fresh. It’s got kale, pineapple, mango, spinach, and almond milk inside. I hear the Candy Greens smoothie (Kale, apple, pear, and spinach) is also a popular choice.

The Tropical Trip smoothie.

The Yogurt Bowl.

Jake got a Yogurt Bowl — which was different because he’s definitely a plate lunch, gimme some meat kind of guy. I can tell you it was drizzled with honey and smelled delicious. While this dish may not be the ultimate hangover cure, you can’t go wrong giving your body fresh fruits after all the poison you put in it the night before.

I definitely recommend one of their smoothies if you’re looking for a refreshing energy boost. Get one in a plastic cup to go, or if you’ve got time sit inside and they’ll serve it to you in those adorable mason jars. Honestly though, serve your product in a mason jar and the people will always come running.

There are really quality wooden tables and benches inside, as well as ample outlets if you ever need a place to work that’s not a loud, crowded and busy Starbucks. It could also be a good place to network because people leave their business cards along a cork board wall in the back — take a look! It’s interesting to see who goes here.

Needless to say, I definitely plan on becoming  a regular here — even when I’m not in search of a hangover cure. Want to see more from HiBlend? Check them out @HiBlend on Twitter and Instagram.

Smoothies are in season all year round, but there’s nothing like a fresh smoothie on a hot summer day! If you’re looking to make some of your own, check out some of my recipes here!


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