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Summer Cocktail Recipe: The Pink Velvet

Lanikai Beach at sunset.

It’s summer! Typically Memorial Day weekend seems to be the time when the country ushers in summertime, but for us here in Hawaii, that weekend was full of rain clouds. Every weekend since has been picture perfect.

My favorite thing about summer? The beach, obviously — and that feeling of the hot summer sun, beating down on you. My friends and I actually ushered in the season with a BBQ over at Kailua Beach Park on Saturday (more on Kailua here).

It’s the perfect spot because we were able to set up camp in a grassy area, eat, and play games (a few competitive games of dodgeball and bean bag toss) Β — then pack up and head over to the ocean, just steps away, for some football throwing and a quick dip as the sun set.

All you need to make a Pink Velvet cocktail.

All you need to make a Pink Velvet cocktail.

BBQs are obviously all about the food — but while you’re waiting, you might as well indulge in a refreshing summer drink because it’s hot out there! Lemonade always does the trick, but if you want to have a party…spike it!

This is a recipe for The Pink Velvet Cocktail — super simple, all you need is strawberry or raspberry lemonade, and whipped cream vodka. I used Mark One yesterday, but I usually go for Pinnacle.


  • Fill glass with ice
  • Add 2 parts lemonade to 1 part whipped cream vodka, then stir.
  • Garnish with a fresh lime slice

Then all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy! What’s your favorite summer cocktail?


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