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Review: BREW’d Craft Pub

BREW'd Craft Pub in Kaimuki.

BREW’d Craft Pub in Kaimuki.

I don’t know if I’m just more aware now because I actually enjoy drinking beer, but Honolulu really seems to be stepping up its beer scene. Jake and I started our weekend with a few pints at BREW’d Craft Pub in Kaimuki, from the same owners who brought REAL a Gastropub to Ward. (They actually just celebrated their second anniversary in May.)

BREW’d opened up in April — and even more recently another beer joint, Honolulu Beerworks, a local craft brewery, opened up in Kaka’ako. (Review coming soon!) So like I said, it’s a good time for beer lovers in Hawaii.

Ranging from around $7 – $10 a glass, BREW’d has rotating craft beers from sixteen taps and 100+ bottled beers — so be sure to check out their specials each time you visit for a different brew! They have two large TV screens that flash the daily specials, and your waiter will provide you with what some refer to as their “beer bible.”

Mac 'n' Cheese and the Pork Adobo Poutine

Mac ‘n’ Cheese and the Pork Adobo Poutine

You’ll also get a menu listing their food options — which include appetizers like the mac ‘n’ cheese and Pork Adobo Poutine Jake and I got, pictured above — along with sandwich + soup combos, salads, sliders, and even some dessert options like Guinness gelato. (I’m going back to try that next time.)

The main difference between BREW’d and REAL? The atmosphere. While REAL brings a real gritty-man-cave, jazzy live music vibe, with BREW’d you get a real sophisticated and casual dining experience. Both are great, and it just depends what you’re looking for that night.

My only complaint: it looks like it would be difficult to come here with a larger party — and by large I mean four or more.



We’ve been hanging around Kaimuki a lot lately. There are so many places to eat and stores we like to shop in. Plus it’s home to Via Gelato — where we went after dinner at BREW’d. Don’t even get me started on how much I love that place. Deciding between the BREW’d Guinness gelato and a pistachio + fierce chocolate combo from down the street was a challenge, but I do not regret the choice we made.

What’s your favorite beer when you go out into the beer scene? Sound off in the comments! And let me know your favorite spot to grab a pint! As you can see, we love to go to new places and sample new brews!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy June!


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