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Month in Review: Top 3 May Posts

And just like that, it’s the middle of 2014! May went by so fast — do you guys know where the time is going?!

May has been a pretty fun — the highlights: my brother finishing up his first year of college and coming home, plus our trip to Kona for our friend’s wedding. I’m sad to see this month go, but I’m looking forward to June which will be full of celebration! (It is my birthday month, after all. Jake and I will also be making two years!)

May also brought Memorial Day, which means my post about my experience at last year’s Lantern Floating ceremony got some attention. As did my review on Wow Wow Waffle’s Maui lemonade stand after they linked to it from their website! Check it out!

So without further ado, here are this month’s top posts as decided by your viewership:

Bacon and egg breakfast cups, fresh out of the oven!

Bacon and egg breakfast cups, fresh out of the oven!

3) Recipe: Ultimate Breakfast Cups

I haven’t been cooking on my own for that long. It’s been maybe a little over a year now, and I finally feel like I’ve found my bearings in the kitchen. After getting lessons from my mom, this was one of the first things I attempted to make in my own oven. A simple enough recipe — good for breakfast, dinner, or a snack — that I knew I couldn’t mess up.

Plus the ingredients are things you’d typically have in a fridge at any given time. I’m happy to share this easy and crafty muffin tin recipe that really began to shape my love for cooking. Click the link for the recipe directions!

A personalized cake from Liliha Bakery!

2) Review: Personalized Cakes from Liliha Bakery

Like I’ve said before, the months leading into summer are full of celebration — as is summer itself. My parents have birthdays in April and May, then there’s my birthday in June…there’s always an upcoming occasion, and that means there will never be a shortage of cake at our houses.

So where do I go for all my personalized cake needs? Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday cakes, or even something as obscure as a going away cake, I always call in my orders to Liliha Bakery. The cakes that they put out are always beautifully executed and have never disappointed — in taste or looks.

Click the post for details on how to place your order today! And don’t forget to try their coco puffs!

Frozen greek yogurt  bars! The perfect snack, or a fresh breakfast.

Frozen greek yogurt bars! The perfect snack, or a fresh breakfast.

1) Recipe: Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

I’m a Pinterest freak (follow me!). I get a lot of my cooking inspiration from there. Something I’ve seen on there and have always wanted to do were make my own frozen greek yogurt bars. One morning I got my lazy self out of bed and instead of cooking up some greasy breakfast, I opted to try my hand at these beauties.

All you need are your favorite ingredients, whether that’s fruit, nuts, or even candy, and add that to a complimentary greek yogurt flavor! (Or you can go plain.) It truly is the perfect fresh breakfast or healthy snack. A good way to sneak some vitamins into your system!

For further recipe instructions, click the link!


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