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Art + Flea: Hawaiian May

Art + Flea at Jefferson Elementary for Hawaiian May!

Art + Flea at Jefferson Elementary for Hawaiian May!

Thursdays are so…not Fridays. I’ve always wanted to go to an Art + Flea event (which are held on a Thursday every month), but never got around to it until this month! It was a nice way to bring me out of the pre-Friday blues.

Instead of gathering at its usual location (449 Cooke St.), people flocked to Jefferson Elementary School in Waikiki for Art + Flea Hawaiian May.

The Kaka’ako event gives local artists and vintage shops a place to showcase their wares.

$6 fried sweet potatoes on a stick!

$6 fried sweet potatoes on a stick!

The famous Aloha lemonade.

The famous Aloha lemonade.

Barrio Vintage showed up with a tent full of colorful aloha wear, and I bought a beautiful pair of teak earrings from a tent called Wonders. CheckΒ them out! They were just a few of the great booths at the event.

While the art and crafts seem to be the main focus of these events, there was a lot more going on at their special location on school grounds — including keiki activities, but more importantly a food summit full of food trucks and new dishes to try!

If you’re looking to get your Wow Wow Waffle lemonade on Oahu, try catching them if they’re at an Art + Flea event!

Courtesy: Jake from www.couchnuggets.wordpress.com. Follow him on Instagram @teamplayerjake!

Courtesy: Jake from http://www.couchnuggets.wordpress.com. Follow him on Instagram @teamplayerjake!

Jake visited a food truck that always seems to be sold out by the time we see it at any event: Hawaii’s Fried Musubis. It’s slogan? Everything tastes better fried! And I think they’re right…

He tried the Fried Spicy Ahi Musubi with Mama’s Fried Chicken, along with the Fried(!) dessert sampler, that included a twinkie, Oreo, and cheesecake bite.Β He needed some water after all that grease, but he definitely didn’t regret it!

We’re looking forward to attending more Art + Flea events in the future for sure. What are your favorite local vendors? Sound off in the comments!


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