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Daily: A Weekend in Kona!

Selfie outside the Kona airport.

Selfie outside the Kona airport.

Exciting news: Jake and I are in Kona for the weekend! Why? Well he’s the best man in his friend’s wedding on Saturday. Since I’m not in the bridal party, I’ll just be attending as a gust — as are several other of our friends.

So while he’s busy preparing with the other groomsmen and brides maids, I’m excited to see what Kona has to offer! (Hopefully a trip to the original Kona Brewing Co. is in my future.)

We hopped one of the first flights out of Oahu — and got up at 4 a.m. to do it! The flight was nice and short at less than an hour, but it’s been pretty hazy and muggy all day. Rain seems to follow me whenever we travel. (If you remember our trip to Maui, you’ll see what I mean.)

Kona is on the westside of the Big Island of Hawaii — and is more resort-oriented than the Hilo side (where Jake’s from). We’re staying in Waikoloa, a resort town that’s a little outside of Kona.

Everything is really spaced out and there’s not much to look at while you’re driving since it’s all lava rocks — but the hotels are beautiful. I’m sure the wedding will be too.

Be sure to check back for my Kona must-do’s!


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