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Review: Via Gelato

Scoop of Black Sesame + Fierce Chocolate gelato at Via Gelato in Kaimuki!

Scoop of Black Sesame + Fierce Chocolate gelato at Via Gelato in Kaimuki!

If you’re lucky you’ll walk into Via Gelato when they’re pressing the handmade waffle cones. That way you’ll be surrounded in the warm wafting scent of fresh deliciousness.

My friends Cece and Ayaka introduced us to the cutest little gelato shop that just recently opened in Kaimuki. Here you’ll find handmade gelato, and as I’ve mentioned above, handmade waffle cones.

But it’s not just your average gelato counter — there’s also coffee and lunch items on the menu if you’re not quite ready for your daily sweet treat. But who am I kidding — if you’re reading this, you’re probably there for the gelato, so let’s cut to the chase.

The counter at Via Gelato.

The counter at Via Gelato.

We just barely beat the afternoon rush. This place can get pretty busy, but there’s a surprising amount of room inside. A couple large wooden tables and white benches leave the space feeling roomy and airy.

Once it’s your turn to order at the counter, take a second to sample a few of their unique flavors, then pick your size and if you’ll have it in a cone or a cup. You can get two flavors, even if you’re just getting a small.

As far as prices go, they’re fair. Less than $5 for a small cone or cup — which is really all you need to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Gelato flavors galore!

Gelato flavors galore! I love looking at the mountains of it inside the freezer.

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to gelato flavors, but today I decided to sample Black Sesame — which I heard was pretty popular. It was a flavor like none I’ve ever tasted before — something I can only describe as slightly nutty.

I paired it with Fierce Chocolate and munched away at the two flavors inside a homemade waffle cone and was very satisfied.

Unfortunately they didn’t have pistachio available today, but they’re always bringing out new flavors plus your original favorites, so be on the lookout every time you pay a visit! They even have a bulletin board up where you can pin new flavor suggestions.

Be sure to get there early! Or you may miss out on some popular flavors. They do have a tendency to run out.

What’s your favorite gelato flavor?



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