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Bruno Mars in Hawaii: Kicking off the Moonshine Jungle Tour

I wanna be on the cover of Midweek magazine — smiling next to Oprah and the Queen. Oh every time I close my eyes, I see my name in Honolulu’s city lights. Eating Zippy’s every night, oh I swear, the world better prepare for when I’m a billionaire!

– Billionaire, Bruno Mars (April 19, 2014)

Bruno Mars! Up close from the 11th row!

Bruno Mars! Up close from the 11th row! (Photo Credit: Jake Camarillo, http://www.couchnuggets.wordpress.com)

Local boy Bruno Mars kicked off his Moonshine Jungle Tour back at home on Oahu, and anytime he reminded the audience of that, they exploded. Jake and I were lucky enough to get seats for the second of three sold out shows he’ll play on the island.

Monday night (April 21) is his last show here, and then he’ll begin the next leg of his tour. If you’re wondering which performance was better, the first or second night, Mars had this to say:

Β They were really drinkin’ last night…but I feel like everyone here is a little bit sexier.

Bruno Mars and his live band, the Hooligans.

Bruno Mars and his live band, the Hooligans. (Photo Credit: Jake Camarillo, http://www.couchnuggets.wordpress.com)

Let’s cut to the chase, do I recommend seeing Bruno Mars live in concert? Well, the answer is 110 percent yes. He and his live band, the Hooligans, are pure entertainment. And Mars is the epitome of charming (his dance moves aren’t half bad either).

I’m about to admit something embarrassing right now: normally when I go to concerts I’m jumping, dancing around, singing all the lyrics, but sometimes I just found myself bobbing along because I was so starstruck. I was starstruck eleven rows away.

He’s that talented.

At one point he was explaining to the “fellas” that all they had to do to get a girl was break the band down and say, “Damn.” And it was hilarious. He really interacts with the audience well and it makes for such a fun show.

Stage lights during Grenade.

Stage lights during Grenade. (Photo Credit: Jake Camarillo, http://www.couchnuggets.wordpress.com)

I always like to guess what a concert’s opening song will be — and Mars surprised me, even though it’s obvious now that I think about it. He opened with Moonshine (it is in the tour name), and throughout the night he played a variety of old and new songs.

He did perform Runaway, one of my favorites, along with songs like Billionaire, Grenade, Treasure, and When I Was Your Man — to name a few.

His performance of When I Was Your Man was touching. He said that it’s the hardest song he’s ever written and it’s still the hardest song to sing.

Confetti drops all over the floor during the finale.

Confetti drops all over the floor during the finale. (Photo Credit: Jake Camarillo, http://www.couchnuggets.wordpress.com)

Mars closed the night out with Just The Way You Are, and towards the end of the song huge puffs of golden confetti flew from the stage, flying over our heads and for a while you couldn’t even see the stage — but the band kept playing.

I’ve never been a part of something like that, but with a show like this, there are so many surprises.

Your braddah made it, your braddah made it…

While you’re watching Mars, you can just tell that he’s having the time of his life. Before he’ll introduce the next song, he has this grin on as the stadium is howling for more and you just know that he’s loving every minute of it.

I think that’s what makes him such a good performer — he loves what he does and he’s going to deliver because of it.

The stage lights during Gorilla.

The stage lights during Gorilla. (Photo Credit: Jake Camarillo, http://www.couchnuggets.wordpress.com)

Jake was on the edge of his seat because by the end of the finale, Mars hadn’t played Gorilla and that’s the song he wanted to hear live. (After seeing Mars perform it at the VMAs, who wouldn’t want to see it?)

After Mars and the Hooligans left the stage, they didn’t even give the audience a chance to shout for a hana houΒ (meaning “again,” it’s how we ask for encores in Hawaii). They were right back out, and came back strong with Locked Out Of Heaven and then Gorilla.

Let’s just say the performances were literally explosive. (The first time it happened during the show I literally screamed.)

I can’t say enough good things about the night. I mean I bought a $45 tank top. Crazy? Maybe. But I plan to live in that sucker. Are you planning to see Bruno Mars during his upcoming tour?


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