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Month in review: Top 3 March blog posts

March is coming to an end… St. Patrick’s day came and went and now it’s already the end of the month! After I hit my 100th blog post this month, I liked showcasing the top posts on the blog. So, similarly I’ve decided to do a round up of my best posts every month!

A couple cool things happened in March — one thing you should check out is my Weeknight Meals tag — as I launched it officially. And in a TripTease email blast, one of my posts was featured as “What’s trending.” Both these developments are showcased in this month’s top three blog posts of March!

3) Father-Daughter bonding: HI Auto Show 2014

You guys liked the Auto Show post, huh?! Haha. This was just a fun outing with my dad that I wanted to share. I don’t usually go to events at the Honolulu Convention Center (and this was my first), but there was definitely a lot to look at — and a lot for me to think about in terms of trading my current car or fixing it up and keeping it for a couple more years.

2) Are you on Triptease? Let’s be friends!

Lantern TripTease

This TripTease I did on the Floating Lantern Ceremony at Ala Moana Beach Park was featured as “What’s trending” in an email blast. It was pretty exciting to see my name in such a widespread notification. This post was also my first Editor’s Pick, followed by two more this month including one on Mauna Kea (TripTease | Blog post), and one on Waimea Bay (TripTease | Blog post).

My plans for this photo include getting a canvas painting made so we can put it up in our living room. It’s seriously my pride and joy and holds such a beautiful memory.

1) Recipe: Low carb pizza

And it does not surprise me that out of all the recipes that came out of my new Weeknight Meals tag, this one stole your hearts. I could never claim that pizza is good for you — but damn, it tastes good! And if there’s a way to make it even a little better for you (bread-free!), why not indulge?? Wait till you hear what the crust is made out of…better click here to find out!

For more simple weeknight meals, simply follow the tag! Bookmark it! I update it every week with a new easy recipe to add to your weekly repertoire. Make weeknights fun — not boring with the same old recipes. You’ll be glad you did!


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