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Ode to Spring: More beach days please

At this very moment, I’m sneezing non-stop — barely able to continue typing a coherent sentence. I’ve been sick. Bedridden for two days. That’s right, my body robbed me of my weekend. The worst of all sins as far as I’m concerned. I mean you live for the weekend and then it gets taken away from you! What’sΒ thatΒ all about?

Unfortunately for me, it was the first beach weather weekend we’ve seen here on Oahu in a long time. Rain storms a few weekends in a row, then high winds that’ll whip up the sand — it just hasn’t been very nice. (It must sound like a cake walk to all those with blizzards and snow.)

Cockroach Cove, a little beach on the east side of Oahu.

Cockroach Cove, a little beach on the east side of Oahu.

But as an ode to more future beautiful, sunny Spring days — of which this weekend was only a first — I’m sharing some photos of one of my favorite beach spots. It’s called Cockroach Cove.

This is the angle of the cove from the parking lot, the same lot you park at to visit the Halona Blowhole (this area is also right before Sandy Beach, a popular bodyboarding and body surfing spot).

Another view of the cove from some rocks further away from the shore.

Another view of the cove from some rocks further away from the shore.

To get down to the beach, from the parking lot you walk down some steps (which are kind of more like large rocks) closest to the guardrail near the road, and continue until you’ve made it all the way down. You can kind of see the sloping steps on the right side of the photo above.

Fun fact: This was the beach Nicki Minaj filmed her music video for Starships.

Jake looking out towards blowhole. (He’s actually Instagramming.)

I like this beach because whenever I’m out here on the rocks, I feel so close to the ocean. Of course, you should never go out on wet rocks where a rogue wave can pull you in at any moment, but sitting on a ledge high above it all and looking out at the waves rolling in on the horizon…it’s just really beautiful.

As I’ve mentioned before, wave watching is one of my favorite things. And while this isn’t the North Shore, it’s still a cool place to watch the ocean do its thing.

Jake and I on a cliff at Cockroach Cove.

Jake and I on a cliff at Cockroach Cove.

The beach area here isn’t very big, so it fills up easily if it’s crowded. But you can always hang out on some of the rocky cliff areas off to the right of the sandy cove. There’s a lot to explore to say the least. Once my friends and I even went all the way through a dark cave we found and ended up on cliffs that were on the other side of the freeway (it was pretty awesome).

Although I didn’t get to hit the beach this weekend, I got to spend part of my miserable sick Saturday with my parents — who always do everything and anything to make me happy and well when I’m not feeling so great. AKA we ate Wendy’s burgers and Frostys while watching Frozen and Alfred Hitchcock shorts.

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday! (Boo!) If you’re sick, click here for my how-to guide on surviving the day.


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