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Top 3 clicked posts in Brickberry history

Brickberry is celebrating it’s 100th post!

Brickberry's celebrating 100 posts!

Brickberry’s celebrating 100 posts!

That’s right, everyone. You’re looking at the 100th post of a blog that was born seven short months ago. Trying to keep a consistent flow of good, original content is hard, but this is my first successful attempt at it, and I’ve loved every step of the way.

In commemoration of this blog milestone, I want to share the top three posts you guys keep coming back to — AKA, my top clicked posts of all time.

3) Drink Recipe: The Perfect Mimosa

Looking back at my blog stats accumulated over the past seven months, this is a result that surprised me. I have to give the credit to Pinterest for this one though — the pinners go crazy for this mimosa recipe. In times of celebration, it’s always my go-to drink. We recently celebrated my friend Cece’s 23rd birthday at a BYOB buffet, and my special mimosas made an appearance.

See the pin here! And feel free to re-pin it!

2) Recipe: Minion Cupcakes

The minion production line!

The minion production line!

I love minions, and apparently you guys do too! I also love Twinkies…and who doesn’t? I made these little fellas for a Halloween party I threw last year (because Jake and I were minions), but you could honestly make them for any occasion. Whether you’re having a Despicable Me marathon, or just want a fun activity to do with the kids.

If you think it’s a cute idea, share it with your friends and re-pin it on Pinterest! Or for more baking recipes, click here.

1) Maui Sights: Wow Wow Lemonade

Kula Strawberry Mint Lemonade!

Kula Strawberry Mint Lemonade!

Whenever I go to Eat the Street on Oahu, the Wow Wow Waffle tent always has a line wrapped around the place. They sell street waffles, but people go there for their delicious lemonade — sold in trendy glass mason jars. It’s the smartest thing ever. People walk around holding it, others see the mason jar with the logo on it, and then head to their tent!

While on a weekend vacation in Maui, Jake and I got to stop by Wow Wow Lemonade, a permanent location that specifically sells their different flavors of lemonade. The best part: we didn’t have to wait an hour in line to get our fix. I highly recommend the Kula Strawberry Mint — so fresh, so good.

Thanks for sticking around for 100 posts! Brickberry’s just getting started. Stay tuned for a new series that will give the break down of the most clicked posts at the end of every month!


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