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Father-Daughter bonding: HI Auto Show 2014


Sunday (March 16) is your last chance to check out the First Hawaiian International Auto Show at the Honolulu Convention Center this weekend. I had never actually been to the convention center, or an auto show, before yesterday after getting free tickets from work.

Cars have never really been my thing, but I did grow up with a dad who loves them — and I thought it would be fun to go together. He mentioned that Bluebell, his 1968 Mustang tucked away in the garage, was pretty jealous after she found out he was going to an auto show.


It turned out to be 90 percent new car show, and 10 percent classic car showcase — which is what we both came to see. So although we were a little disappointed, walking around and seeing the latest car models and sitting in luxury brands was still pretty fun.

We checked out the latest Prius, the Prius C. I’m not gonna lie, I was only attracted by the color and gas mileage — and nobody blames you for that in this era. At about $23,000 it’s a great little car — besides the fact that when you look closely it looks pretty cheaply made.

I currently have a 2013 Kia Rio, and even at a slightly lower price, I feel like I got a lot more quality for what I paid. My dad originally thought I should trade up for a Prius, but after seeing it, that’s probably not gonna happen.


My dad asked around and eventually we found out that the classic cars were at the far end of the showroom, back in a corner. We headed over and quickly realized that this was where you could see the real gems of the show — even if there weren’t that many.

I may have mentioned before that I am a Cadillac girl, so seeing these old Cadillacs were the highlight of my day. I just love the way old cars were built with such drama and flare. They’re just a class act.

I feel that way about modern Bentleys (which we also got to take a look at). So substantial and sophisticated without being too showy.



Sitting in Bentleys, Acuras, and big Ford trucks with my dad was fun, but it was really nice to just spend some time together in general. At one point we got hungry so we were on a search for food. We tried outside the showroom where there were different booths set up…

But there wasn’t one food booth!

Eventually we stumbled on a Papa John’s tent, where a woman was handing out small squares of free pizza. Don’t think we didn’t check back later to see if she was relieved from her shift so we could shamelessly get another slice. Unfortunately for us, that didn’t happen.

But here’s an insider tip: There actually is a concession stand inside the auto show. We passed it accidentally when the Prius sidetracked us, leading us away from the back wall where it’s located. A decent selection of food, but like all shows, it’s for a price!

All in all, it’s a fun show if you have good company, or if you’re in the market for a car. All the options are sort of laid out for you. What’s your favorite model?



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