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How to make your life easier: Get a salad spinner

Okay so my life just became a million times easier, and it only cost me $25. In the process, what I’ve saved is valuable time and numerous paper towel rolls.

Ladies and gents, let me present to you this amazing kitchen gadget: a salad spinner.

Did you Β know such a thing existed?! I didn’t, not until my parents pointed me in the direction of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. A store full of unnecessary and yet wonderful things.

What this thing does is threefold:

  1. Dries your salad.
  2. Provides you with a bowl you can keep your salad in.
  3. Keeps it fresh in the fridge.

All you do is press the handle in the middle, and it spins the water right out of your salad! No more blotting with paper towels after washing. (I sound like an infomercial, but that’s how great it is.)

Just remove the outermost bowl from the basket your salad is sitting in, and pour the excess water down the sink!

I’m obviously in love with this product. You’d think I was getting paid to do this, but the truth is, you should spread the word about things that make life easier…

So here you go! Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget?


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