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Fashion: Peter Pilotto for Target


Have you ever tried to head down to Target the day a designer’s line was launching? I have. A couple years ago when Jason Wu released his collection I made the mistake of leisurely waking up and driving over later in the afternoon.

Was there anything left in my size? No.

So this time, after I saw the commercial for Peter Pilotto for Target and his amazing set of prints, I set my alarm for Sunday morning at 7 a.m. I needed to get to the store by 8 a.m.

Jake came with me and thought I was making the launch a bigger deal than it was — that there weren’t going to be thousands of women flocking for position outside Target’s doors.

Okay, so there weren’t thousands. But I knew that I had to be one of the first ones in to get the pick of all the pieces in the collection, and get them in my size. That’s my suggestion to you if you ever plan to try your luck at nabbing some pieces at one of Target’s designer collections. Get there early, grab, and go.

Women had piles and piles of clothes in their hands — in baskets, in wagons. It seemed like they were taking one of each piece in their size and going to the dressing room to sort through the mess.

The three pieces I bought from Peter Pilotto’s collection at Target!

After making my way among the racks and after trying on at least ten pieces in the dressing room, I ended up deciding on three things: a blazer, a cardigan, and a top.

While the commercial originally caught my attention because of the unique printed dresses, none of them looked quite right when I put them on. Whether they were too long, had too much skirt volume, or a ruffle at the bottom. Also, a few of the skirts or shorts I handled felt a little cheaply made.

The collection ranged in price from $14.99 – $79.99. The higher end of that spectrum sounds a little pricey for Target, but you are buying a designer brand.


Here’s a little information on Peter Pilotto, the designer if you’re not too familiar. I wasn’t either, as it is originally a London fashion brand.

It really was the prints that won me over instantly when I saw his commercial. I just can’t get enough of the unique colors and designs. Clothes lately are too boring in all the stores at the local mall.

So that was my first designer buying experience at Target! Have you ever braved the crowds? I’d love to hear your experiences! In the meanwhile, don’t forget to check out some of my fashion boards on Pinterest!


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