Daily: Facebook’s 10th birthday, and a video on Humans of New York

What I really hope to maintain is the culture of positivity — of celebration and support that these people share. 

– Brandon Stanton

Something that I’ve always wanted to do, as a writer, as a journalist, is to share people’s stories. I’ve never been able to find the right venue to do this yet, and it’s a project that’s eating away at me — one that I know I have to start in order to find fulfillment.

But for now, something that inspires me daily is a successful project — similar to the one in my mind I’ve never been able to get off the ground. It’s called Humans of New York.

You’ve probably heard of Brandon Stanton’s website. Or more likely you became a fan after stumbling across his Facebook page, where you learned about his journey to create a photo census of New York.

Facebook made this video about his mission and about his success of sharing people’s stories through his Facebook page.

With so much negativity on the internet, so much hate, it’s nice to find a page where there’s real support. Real love towards strangers and compassion for their stories.

You’ll read a post and you’ll find you have so much in common with a person across the world. And it’s just such a beautiful thing. It’s incredibly raw. Incredibly human.


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