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Daily: Midday pick-me-up at Regal Bakery

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Maybe I don’t know enough about the underground cafe scene in Hawaii, but I can’t say enough good things about the ones I do know…and Regal Bakery is one of them.

I first mentioned this place when they came out with theirย version of Honolulu’s cronut, but if you work around downtown and are looking for a place to just chill during your lunch hour, this is the place for you.

Jake picked me up on my lunch hour and we went here. I got this Rum & Cola donut — because I love rum cakes. And I was due for some afternoon coffee before I went back to work.

They also have plate lunches you can order — Jake’s was around $9. Kind of pricey, but if you take advantage of their day old donut bags — 6 for $3! — It could be worth the stop…

If you’re from Hawaii, what’s your favorite cafe or bakery?


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