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Hiking: Mt. Olympus

Driveway leading to the parking lot.

Hiking to Mt. Olympus is like doing two hikes: you have to do Wa’ahila Ridge Trail to get to the next leg that will lead you to the peak. So if you’re willing to put in the time and energy, make sure you pick a day where you’ll be rewarded with a view at the top because clouds surround the peak most of the time.

To get to Wa’ahila Ridge, drive to the top of St. Louis Heights and make your way down this driveway until you come to a parking lot. It gets pretty crowded sometimes, but there’s always street parking too.

The parking lot, and the beginning of Wa'ahila Ridge trail.

The parking lot, and the beginning of Wa’ahila Ridge trail.

Now you’re ready to start the four mile trek! Head straight into this forest of trees, follow the path, and you’ll be on your way along the trail. Wa’ahila Ridge is fairly easy. I’d say the hard part is having the endurance to get through both hikes.

We started late one afternoon at about 1:30 p.m. I’d suggest going early in the morning as it can get very humid on a hot day — although the weather was perfect for the views promised on this hike.

This sign marks the beginning of the trail to Mt. Olympus!

This sign marks the beginning of the trail to Mt. Olympus!

Once you get to this sign, you’re about to leave Wa’ahila Ridge behind and make your way to Mt. Olympus. There are a lot of ups and downs on these trails, which makes for a good work out, but it can also take a toll on your knees…by the time we turned back, one of my knees was already complaining.

The ridge we hiked up to Mt. Olympus is right behind Jake there.

If you take a second to just stop and turn around while you’re hiking you’ll see how far you’ve made it along the ridge. The view is truly breathtaking. But seeing the miles you’ll have to back track just to get out will also make you want to cry, haha.

We made it to the last peak right before Mt. Olympus and decided to head back. Since we started late we figured we should make our way out before the sun started to go down — plus we had some dinner plans we needed to keep.

Let me tell you though, the views going down are beautiful. You get a chance to take everything in without being fixated on making it to the peak — or just trying to keep moving forward, haha.

There are a few landings where you can stop and rest along the way. They give perfect views of the city and the houses nestled in Manoa Valley.

It took us about four hours — two hours in, and two hours to get out. We hope to go again one day so we can finally put this beast to rest! Hopefully when we have more time on our hands or can get an early enough start.

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