Books: The Rosie Project

rosie projectOn the heels of reading a longer, more involved book, namely Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, I decided to unwind with a light, fun book…

And that’s how I stumbled upon this gem.

I don’t usually look at the $1.99 books on Amazon, but this one caught my attention.

It’s the story of a socially awkward geneticist (thinkΒ Big Bang Theory) who wants to find a wife and goes about creating a survey for what he calls “The Wife Project.”

At first Don’s certain way of speaking and narrating made me feel standoffish while I read the first few chapters…but you grow with him and his strangness eventually becomes cute, even charming.

He meets Rosie — who at the time he thinks is a candidate for his project selected by a friend. She ends up being what he calls “completely unsuitable,” even though he has the time of his life with her.

However their blossoming friendship is interrupted when another woman comes along…and is everything Don could hope for in a wife.

It’s an adorable book with the classic story of looking for love in all the wrong places, and finding it somewhere you never thought to look.

Love’s like that. I know because I fell in love with my best friend.

It’s a great, probably overlooked read. I highly recommend it.

I’m continuing my quest to see how many books I can read in 2014! See the growing list of completed books and what I’m currently readingΒ here.)


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