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Haleiwa Road Trip: Celebrating 10 years of friendship

My best friends since middle school: Cece, Ayaka, and Adrienne.

My best friends since middle school: Cece, Ayaka, and Adrienne. (Waimea Bay, Oahu)

So I have a group of friends who’ve basically gone through everything with me. We all met in middle school, and let’s just say it’s been true love ever since, haha.

We’re not like most friends because we’ve stayed just as close as each of us as individuals have carved out a path for ourselves — whether it took us to the mainland for college, studying abroad in foreign countries, or even just staying on the island. We’ve all accomplished so much.

Playing tourist.

Playing tourist at Haleiwa Marketplace.

My friend Cecilia (we call her Cece) had this idea of doing something to commemorate the fact that we’ve been friends for about 10 years now, so we decided to go on a North Shore trip. (The closest thing you can get to a road trip on Oahu.)

After being apart on and off for four years, it’s such a special thing to get to spend real time with them again, and celebrate events we’ve usually been apart for. Birthdays, holidays, and even pau hana (the end of work after a hard day). Now that we’re all back together on the island, at least for the time being, it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate.

Giovanni's shrimp truck!

Giovanni’s shrimp truck!

We all piled into one car at 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning (because that is our definition of early), and we made our way to the North Shore (about 30 miles away from Honolulu). After almost heading to the west side of the island because of a navigation error, an hour later we finally made it to Haleiwa Town.

The first stop was a quick lunch at Giovanni’s shrimp truck.

After eating, we didn’t really have a set plan of what we wanted to do, but I think that’s the beauty of having really good best friends. You go with the flow and laughs just seem to find you along the way.

There’s a lot of shops in Haleiwa Town. Among them are a lot of touristy ones, but inside certain stores you’ll find yourself stumbling upon some local art, jewelry, and fashion that will really catch your eye. It’s fun to explore these Β places with friends.

Exploring a shop in Haleiwa Town.

Adrienne, complete in her tourist hat, exploring a shop in Haleiwa Town.

We never thought going to the North Shore would end up as a shopping trip — but leave a group of girls anywhere and I’m sure they’ll be able to find a way to shop.

My friend Ayaka and I ended up buying matching dresses — I got one in orange, and she got one in blue. Which we ended up wearing to dinner.

Big surf at Waimea Bay.

Big surf at Waimea Bay.

Eventually we made it to the beach at Waimea Bay — not for swimming of course, because surf on the North Shore during the winter time is for professionals only…or those stupid enough to go in. Apparently this past weekend there were waves up to 35 ft.

Watching waves is one of my favorite things to do. You’ll see a set roll in, and then each grows and collapses into a misty foam, one after another. Sometimes between sets it’ll be flat for a while…the calm before the storm. And it’s so quiet. Eerily so after the eruption that just took place.

(Update: My Triptease on Waimea Bay is now an Editor’s Pick! Check it out.)

Adrienne, Cece, and Ayaka chillin on the beach.

Adrienne, Cece, and Ayaka chillin on the beach.

I don’t know where or who I’d be without these strong, intelligent, beautiful women. They’ve helped me be a better person, grow into the person I am today, and no matter where they’ve been, they’ve always supported me in everything that I’m doing.

I’m so lucky that our lives touched. And stayed connected. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives hold and the adventures we have yet to have together.

This post is dedicated to you, Adrienne, Cece, and AyakaΒ — best friends for a decade. Here’s to many more! Cheers!


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