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A New Year tradition: The Millennium Cookie

In Hawaii there are a bunch of different New Year traditions. There’s mochi pounding, sashimi eating…but my family, ever since the ball dropped for the year 2000, we’ve made a huge cookie — which we dubbed that yearย The Millennium Cookie.

The tradition stuck and we’ve been making huge cookies for 15 years now!

All you have to do is whip up some chocolate chip cookie batter — or your favorite kind of cookie dough. We used a big chunk of Pillusbury chocolate chip cookie dough. (We almost added in a handful of M&M’s this year! But I forgot the bag.)

Preheat your oven toย 350 degrees. Then Once you’ve got your dough ready, instead of separating it out into smaller cookies, smash it all into one tray! We make ours in a circular pan so we get that finished round cookie shape, but any baking tin works.

The finished product! Sliced and ready to serve.

The finished product! Sliced and ready to serve.

It takes a little longer for a whole cookie to cook in the oven, so we put ours in for about 40 minutes. You’re looking for the edges to get brown.

And voila! After it’s done, let it cool for 10 minutes, but not too long because it’s easier to cut when it’s slightly warm. You can cut it into squares for easy bit size treats, or you can go ahead and cut it pizza style like we did!

Enjoy! And Happy New Year! Do you and your family have any New Year traditions?


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