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New Year Challenge: How many books can I read in a year?

This isn’t necessarily my New Year’s Resolution, but something I want to do in the new year, or challenge myself to do, is read more. Everyone says they don’t have the time to read, but really how many times have you been bored and all you do is open and close Instagram on your phone — hoping there’s a new update?

I’ve realized I’m wasting my life on my phone.

My parents got me a Kindle paperwhite for Christmas, and I’m ready to put it to good use!Β I tried to read on my iPad in the past, but reading on this Kindle is just like the real thing. I’m loving it.

So the challenge: See how many books I can read in 2014.

I’ll keep you updated, and bring a final report back to you guys next year! Keep a look out for some book reviews, and here’s where you’ll find what I’m currently reading plus a list of what I’ve read!

Send me your book suggestions! Or post them in the comments!

What are your plans for the New Year? Hope all of you had a happy and safe one last night!


3 thoughts on “New Year Challenge: How many books can I read in a year?

  1. Yes, The Age of Miracles is great. Its about what would happen if the Earth started spinning at a slower rate, as told through the eyes of a young California girl. Quick, but mesmorizing read!

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