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Aulani: Makahiki character breakfast

I don’t know about you… but one of my favorite experiences at any Disney property is seeing and hugging the characters.

The moment we stepped out of Aulani’s lobby, the first thing we saw was Mickey walking to his post. Jake can tell you, I was so excited. I did a double-take over my shoulder and he waved at us.

The check-in desk at the Makahiki buffet.

This is the great thing about Disney character breakfasts. It makes eating more of an event, with multiple photo-ops with your favorite friends. Makahiki is where Aulani has both breakfast and dinner buffets, but you’ll only find Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy at breakfast time.

After you check-in at the restaurant, while you wait for your table you can take a group photo with Mickey!

Photo with Mickey before breakfast!

Photo with Mickey before breakfast!

Once you see Mickey, you’ll get seated at your table and you’re free to brave the buffet line. We went on a Sunday and ate at about 10 a.m. and it was pretty crowded. What makes the line long is the omelette bar — where you can tell two chefs behind the counter what you’d like in yours and they’ll cook it up right there. So yummy.

Eventually they should bring the photo you took with Mickey to your table so you can see it and purchase it if you like. If they misplace it though, like they did ours, you’ll get sent to the gift shop after breakfast.

Mickey waffles!

Most of the time the entertainment from the morning comes from a woman everyone around the hotel knows as “Aunty.” Dressed in a straw hat and a mu’u mu’u, she sings songs, plays the ukulele, and interacts with everyone eating at the buffet.

She also calls kids up to dance to different songs — in one they give them fish puppets and they have a parade around the restaurant, they also have kids celebrating a birthday go up and do a birthday hula. Our server knew it was Jake’s birthday so Aunty knew to call him up to the center. He was by far the tallest birthday boy there. Haha!

Jake doing the birthday hula with Aunty.

Jake doing the birthday hula with Aunty.

Meeting Minne at breakfast!

I saw a look of horror in his eyes when Aunty called him up, but he was such a good sport up there. Quite the hula dancer.

While you participate in or enjoy the entertainment and festivities going on around you, and as you eat your breakfast, characters like Minnie and Goofy circle the restaurant, stopping at each table so you can take photos.

For all you Minnie shoe enthusiasts like my mom and I, hers were cute light blue heels — to match her tropical dress!

It’s definitely a fun way to start your morning at Aulani. And you’ll definitely be full — so if you’re going swimming first, I suggest stopping by the lazy river… but more on that in the next edition of my series on Disney’s Aulani resort!


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