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Staycation: Disney’s Aulani Resort

My family is the biggest Disney family there is. So by extension, I am a huge Disney girl. I’ve been to Disneyland and Disney World multiple times, and for the last couple years, ever since Disney’s Aulani resort opened here in Hawaii, I’ve been dying to go.

Jake and I in Disney's Aulani resort lobby.

Jake and I in Disney’s Aulani resort lobby.

And so has Jake…so for his birthday this year, I booked a little weekend staycation.

Crazy? Maybe. But most Disney lovers are.

In Jake’s words, Disney is so good, even when you don’t want them to be. I had booked this trip as a surprise, when all of a sudden I come home to a pile of mail, one of them being a packet from Aulani. Surprise blown!

The hallway leading to the lobby. All decked out in Christmas decorations!

The hallway leading to the lobby. All decked out in Christmas decorations!

It didn’t matter because the experience was just as magical. We walked into the resort and our own personal greeter met us with lei. She led us to a seat in the lobby where she could explain where we were on a map of the hotel, and circled a few key destinations we would be interested in, including the tower our room was located in, and different pools.

She also gave us a copy ofΒ The Daily Iwa, which is a daily newsletter the resort sends out to guests, kind of like a Disney park’s weekly itinerary. It tells you when shows are, when activities happen, and most importantly when and where Disney characters will be around.

  1. It was so cool that they had all our information ready for us in a personalized packet when we got there. Really spot on.
  2. Our room wasn’t ready, so we left our bags with the bell desk and hit the pools (they have lockers in their Luana Lounge you can leave personal belongings in as well). Within a few hours, a text was sent to my phone telling us our room number and that it was ready.
The view from the 11th floor, where our room was.

The view from the 11th floor, where our room was.

And our room was spacious and gorgeous. We were up on the 11th floor overlooking the grassy area where characters have their meet and greet sessions. Also, if you’re local, do take advantage of their Kama’aina discount. Knocks down the room price quite a bit.

Jake and I were beside ourselves during this whole check-in process. The resort is beautiful — there’s koa everywhere. And just as you’d expect from any Disney establishment, there is mood music playing. Whether it’s an upbeat song in Hawaiian, or even Disney songs sung in the language. From time to time we also heard holiday Hawaiian songs.

There’s a lot to say about this place. Including some Disney magic that made Jake’s birthday extra fun and special — the way Disney likes to do for birthdays.

So stay on the lookout for my series on Disney’s Aulani resort! Including more on their endless number of pools, our run-ins with Disney characters, and of course, the food.


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