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Christmas: Our tree is up!

You know what seems to happen to me every year? I lose my ornament hooks I had the year before. How could you lose such a thing, you ask? Well I’m not sure! You’d think they would go in the holiday box with all the other decorations…

But maybe they were so tangled and infuriating that you threw them away?

Regardless, this year Jake bought some new hooks and our tree is finally up and decorated! We actually got the little guy a couple days after Thanksgiving. I realized I didn’t have hooks, so he had lights but no ornaments for a couple days, and then he finally got all his accessories during the week.

He’s only 4 ft. tall, but he fills our little apartment nicely. (And amazingly, he was only $23 at Home Depot.)

Guess what we listened to while we decorated… You’re right, you’ll never guess: NSYNC’s Christmas album,Β Home for Christmas.

So in their words…Β Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas…and Happy Holidaysssss!!

What are your family’s Christmas traditions?


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