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How to: Prepare to go to work when you’re sick


For your viewing pleasure: a photo of my sick mess area, complete with unhealthy Burger King breakfast.

I’m a big baby when I’m sick. A really big baby. Like, I feel bad for the people around me who have to listen to me cry and complain.

On all sick days you feel like crap, but you always have to ask yourself: on the scale of crap to crappiest, how crappy do I feel? Today, I’m like a 3 borderline 4. Maybe I’m exaggerating, I don’t know, I’m a drama queen.

On days like this, you have to suck it up and go to work. (If you’re a responsible adult. If you’re a kid, tell your parents you simply can’t go on.)


Sore throats are the worst. There’s nothing you can do about them, really.

Here’s what you need to survive the day:

  1. Sore throat got you down? Stuff that trusty bag of cough drops in your purse.
  2. Some magic pill to ease that headache or those body aches. Drop that bottle in your purse.
  3. Water. A lot of it. (Hot coffee or tea also works temporarily for that throat.)
  4. Don’t bother putting on make up, but doΒ put on deodorant. We’re talking essentials only today, people. We’ll talk about “dressing your best to feel your best” in a day or two.

If you’re like me and you’re lucky, your sad “I’m sick :(” texts will yield kind gestures from those that love you. My dad stopped by and brought me cough drops, coffee, and junk food. The best cure for any cold.

And like a typical hysterical sick person, I cried a little. But from here, things can only get better.

What are your cold remedies? Stay healthy, friends! The holidays are right around the corner!


One thought on “How to: Prepare to go to work when you’re sick

  1. When I’m feeling sick, I always have a piping cup of hot tea to sip on throughout the day πŸ™‚ It also helps to have people who care that try and help you out in those sick times. Enjoyed your post!

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