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Maui sights: Home Maid Bakery

Mochi and manju heaven, I'm telling you.

Mochi and manju heaven, I’m telling you.

Home Maid Bakery in Wailuku. Now, if you’re a mochi lover, you’re not going to want to miss this gem of a bakery. Even if you don’t like mochi or manju — or you’ve never even tried it, you need to stop here. It’s all part of the experience.

Home Maid Bakery is “Home of the Crispy Manju.” What is crispy manju, you ask? Well first of all, manju is a type of mochi. Rather than being pounded as traditional mochi is, manju mochi is kneaded, giving it a different texture.

But crispy manju has its own unique texture. With a variety of fillings to choose from on the inside, the outside has a light, flaky crust. It’s like eating a mini-pie.

This is literally all you need in life.

This is literally all you need in life.

I’ve known traditional manju to be filled with azuki beans — a lot of mochi has that filling too. However, I’m here to tell you that you’re golden if you stick with chocolate or peanut butter manju.

It’s so good. I bought one package of some peanut butter filled goodness, and wished I bought more. I also bought some other favorites of mine: a pack of butter mochi and peanut butter mochi (which by the way is like a bomb of peanut butter in your mouth — literally hard to move your jaw after that gets in there).

Like any bakery, they carry a lot of different product, including bread, pies, cakes, and malasadas (which you need to try if you’re vacationing in the islands. Fried dough balls with sugar. You’ll die happy).

There’s even the lunch selection if you’re planning to grab something on the go: salads, sandwiches, and bentos (a pack of little dishes).

So drop by, try some for yourself, and go ahead and ship me some more manju! To see all my Maui related posts, you can go ahead and click here!


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