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Maui Sights: Wow Wow Lemonade

The way small businesses use social media is something that really intrigues me — as a professional and as a customer. I’m talking food trucks, specifically.

Unfortunately, Whatcha Fillin’, a great example of this, is no longer in business. But we found a little lemonade window in Kahului during our trip to Maui that plays the social media game just as well, if not better.

Jake ordering his lemonade.

Jake ordering his lemonade.

Wow Wow Lemonade is at 415 Dairy Road in Kahului. It’s a little wooden shack stuck to the side of a surf shop, right next to the gas station there. How did I hear about them even before our trip to Maui? Through Instagram.

Instagram is the way of the future, friends.

They sell lemonade — and limeades. Yeah, so you’re asking, what’s so special about some lemonade stand? Besides the fact that their lemonade is delicious, the appeal is what they sell their product in, and that’s mason jars.

I first saw their mason jar lemonade on Instagram and I needed one.

At $9 a pop for some lemonade (you gotta pay for that mason jar!), it sounds expensive, but you’re also supporting local produce and local farmers because that’s where they get a lot of the product they make their lemonade from.

And truth be told, my Kula Strawberry Mint lemonade was so, so good. I am a strawberry lemonade fanatic. It also comes in a pretty big mason jar, so you get a lot. Plus if you remember to bring your jar back next time, you can get a refill for $5.

Kula Strawberry Mint Lemonade!

Kula Strawberry Mint Lemonade!

They also have discounts often available just by following them on their social media accounts and staying in the loop. Yelp deals, Instagram specials (@WowWowLemonade), or even $1 off Kama’aina discounts.

On Oahu I’ve discovered that they’re part of the food truck Wow Wow Waffle. Maybe next time I’m at an Eat the Street event I’ll see if I can get that $5 refill!

So check them out! They’re definitely worth a visit. You get a mason jar souvenir, and ice cold lemonade on a hot day in Maui. It doesn’t get better than that.

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