In the news: Hawaii legalizes same-sex marriage

gov abercrombie

Governor Abercrombie signing the Marriage Equality Act into law. (Courtesy: Hawaii News Now)


That’s what Governor Abercrombie said after he signed the Marriage Equality Act into law, making Hawaii the 15th state to legalize gay marriage.

Ever since the bill passed through the House, everyone in the state pretty much knew it would pass. An easy, final ride through the Senate, and then to the governor who would most likely sign it. He called the special session on the issue in the first place.

As a member of the media, and after about four weeks of coverage, I can say that I was ready for it to be over. As I am to most news, I’ve been jaded towards the subject. All until today.

Today I saw the alert on my phone that said the bill had been signed. I thought nothing of it. Maybe how I would tease the story later in my day for the news.

But then I looked through footage of our live coverage of the signing. Governor Abercrombie made a joke about having multiple pens used to sign a document of this caliber. And then he made a declaration about using one koa pen, a pen that he would then give away as a special memento, marking this special day.

There was an eruption of applause as he immediately signed, and then “Done.”

It was done.

It took about five minutes for the emotion of what had just happened to really hit me.

Some moments just touch you, and you can’t really explain why. I think it’s how one man can do something silly like sign a document and it suddenly makes the lives of thousands of people better. Makes living more fair, when it’s already pretty hard.

I’m not sure this much energy needed to be put into this particular issue at this time. But I know that’s what everyone said about women getting the vote. Why then. Why now. Why does anything happen at the time it does.

But if not now, when?

You can watch Governor Abercrombie sign the bill here.


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