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Travel: Next stop, Maui!

Something that I can’t wait for is when Jake and I get to start our weekend Friday night with a flight to Maui. Even though I’ve lived on Oahu my entire life, the only other island I’ve been to multiple times is the Big Island.

It’s exciting to get to travel, even if it is just a short flight away for a weekend. We’re going because Jake’s cousin’s baby is having her first birthday party. She’s the most adorable thing ever and I bought her lots of presents.

One thing I know that Jake is excited about is going to Da Kitchen. The restaurant originated there in Maui, and eventually came to Oahu. It closed down a few months ago and Jake went with some friends for “a last supper” of sorts.

Now as long as he plays his cards right, he’ll get one more during our trip.

Anyway, in commemoration of our trip to Maui, and in memory of Da Kitchen, here is a short review I wrote on the place a year ago:

Photo Aug 13, 2012 10-26 PM

I treated my boyfriend to lunch last Saturday at his favorite spot for local food, Da Kitchen.

In his words, this place is great because it always leaves him fully satisfied. The portions here are big enough to satisfy even the hungriest man.

I love poppers, so we got the cheesy jalapeño ones to share, and I got a caesar salad.

Everyone looks at me like I’m trying to be a Skinny Minnie every time I say I’m going to order a salad, but seriously, when you find a place that does a real good salad, you stick with it.

Photo Aug 12, 2012 9-46 PM
And finally, he got the Katsu Moco off of the Moco Madness menu, which is a special menu that consists of different kinds of Loco Mocos — a local favorite. He claims it’s the best one they have. I’d take his word for it — he knows his stuff.

Where’s your favorite local spot to eat in Hawaii? Or where do you go to get the best Loco Moco?


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