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Recipe: Minion Cupcakes

Some Minion cupcakes I made this Halloween -- and I'm sure they could be made for any occasion!

Some Minion cupcakes I made this Halloween — and I’m sure they could be made for any occasion!

When I made these Minion cupcakes for Halloween this year, they were a big hit at work and at the party I threw. While Minions are not exactly “Halloween” themed, they can be customized for any holiday with the addition of some seasonal touches, depending on the occasion.

To make them more spooky, I added a spider ring to each cupcake.ย I ended up making these this Halloween because Jake and I were minions! So we obviously needed more in our crew…

Here are the things you’ll need to make them: cake mix and frosting to make the cupcakes, Twinkies for the minion bodies, Smarties (or some kind of circular candy) for their eyes, and icing to make ย their faces and goggles, and to stick the eyes on.

If you’re using box cake mix for your cupcakes, typically you’ll need three eggs, water, and cooking oil.

The production line!

The production line!

Baking instructions:

  1. Follow the instructions on your cake mix to bake the cupcakes once you’ve mixed your ingredients together. Or make your own cupcakes using your own special recipe.
  2. While a batch of your cupcakes are baking or cooling, you can begin to assemble your minions. Do this by cutting your Twinkies in half. One Twinkie will make two minions.
  3. Attach one or two Smarties to each Twinkie with icing. Then, also using the icing, draw the face and goggles on your minions.
  4. Once your cupcakes have cooled, frost them.
  5. Attach your minions to your cupcakes by gently securing them in the frosting.
  6. Add any decoration or embellishments.
  7. Continue until you have as many minions as you need!

These are so fun, and if your kids love minions, I’m sure it would be a fun family activity to get them involved in. Or just something cute to impress your friends with.



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