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Post-Halloween: Minion Mania


A couple of minions, Minnie Mouse, and a guy with an afro.

So we pulled off the minion costumes this Halloween! It was pretty easy for us to find yellow shirts since we both owned some, and I got that cute overall skirt on sale for $15 at a store’s moving sale.

A good alternative that Jake came up with: instead of buying overalls he would never wear again, he bought some suspenders. Unfortunately they were not so comfortable and made going to the bathroom hard, he said.

Those goggles are handmade, though! Get some containers, glue in place the paper or materials you’re using to make the eyes, and glue on some hardware to make them look legit! They’re also attached to a velcro adjustable strap so we could put them on easily. Super cute.


Me and my minion!

We had a little get together at our place with a few of our friends. We had a lot of sugar to say the least and watched parts of some scary movies and music videos. I personally have never watched the whole Thriller video, and the ending is not okay with me.

Some fun party snacks we prepared were, of course, these adorable Minion cupcakes.


Here’s the recipe for these little fellas. They’re really simple besides the detail work because all you need to do is make some cupcakes and slice some Twinkies!

And who doesn’t love Twinkies? Nobody.


Jell-O brains

We also concocted this masterpiece. Jake ran out last minute the night before Halloween and saved the day because I didn’t buy enough Jell-O to fit the brain mold — and it had to sit for at least eight hours.

I’m not sure we did it right, but maybe we should have added more skim milk to give it that brain-like color — that’s why it’s more pink on top.

How was your Halloween, or what are your favorite treats to make?


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