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Review: Samurai Snacks

I sincerely hope your Monday was better than mine. Weeks that start like this make me miss the weekend even more than I already initially do.

I spent my Sunday at the beach — followed by a cold treat from Samurai Snacks, this yummy crack seed store in Aiea. I’m surprised I didn’t start going here until later in life, because as I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in the area.


Snacks galore!

Jake actually brought me here for the first time. My mom loves crack seed stores so I was happy to turn her onto the place. “Crack seed” is actually a variety of preserved or dehydrated fruits, like li hing mui. I grew up with li hing mui covered anything — apples, gummy bears, and now that I’m an adult, the rims of margarita glasses.

You won’t just find nuts or fruit snacks in this store though. There’s definitely a lot of different candies and dry salty snacks.


Ice cakes — two different sizes, small and large.

There’s also a lot of different flavors of ice cakes to choose from — but of course they also have their famous soft serve. Every day there’s a flavor on special, or even two so you can mix them and get a swirl. Every time I go they always seem to be serving strawberry. We were lucky this time to find strawberry AND vanilla, but we also heard that some days the special is Kona Coffee. Sounds extremely rare to me.

Trust me, there’s nothing better than an icy treat from this little spot — right next to Times. So next time you’re going grocery shopping, or maybe your mom needs to make a stop, instead of waiting in the car just head over to this little shop and get some ice cream while you wait to brighten up your day!

If you’ve ever been here, what’s your favorite flavor to get?


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