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October: Halloween is just around the corner!

When I was small, I was really into Halloween because it meant I could wear pretty princess dresses all day. Or even all October if I wanted. I always found a way to wear them year-round anyway — even if it was just to walk across the street from my family’s then-condo to my Grandpa’s barber shop to say hi.

Oh, plus the free candy. What kid doesn’t love candy?

My love for costume making and Halloween fully blossomed in middle school and lasted throughout high school. Suddenly store-bought costumes weren’t enough, and the only way I was going to get what I wanted was to find or make authentic looking pieces myself.

In 7th grade, I was runner-up in one of the categories for my school’s annual Halloween costume contest. It was the year Pirates of the Caribbean came out, and instead of dressing up as a pirate like everyone else in the world, I turned to the other side and dressed up as an English soldier, ceremonial sword and all. It was a big hit.

Did I mention I lost to a girl dressed up as baby new year? Sometimes you lose to stupid cute things like that even with a magnificently made costume, and that’s what I learned that year.

Halloween 2008

I won “Scariest Costume” in high school one year while dressed as Medusa. My hair was teased to its fullest with rubber snakes hanging out. I even painted my face green. (I wish I could find a picture to show you all). But the above picture is when my friends and I decided to enter the group costume contest as a tribe of Indians in our senior year, and I went all out. Face paint, headdress — I even had a real Peace Pipe that I got from online.

Once I got to college, I kind of stopped going all out for Halloween. I was a bee once… Waldo fromย Where’s Waldo another year. Nothing special, just a quick costume I could throw together with what I had laying around.

minionThis year I had thought about going all out as Cruella de Vil, but I might go the cute route instead…

Jake and I have decided to be minions. I mentioned this to my mom and she said there would probably me a lot of minions this year withย Despicable Meย and the sequel making them so popular. Can you imagine the hordes of minions that will be running around, bumping into each other this Halloween?

It’s gonna be adorable.

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Or better yet — what’s your best Halloween costume? I’d love to know and see photos! Post in the comments below!


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