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Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 kicks off at Sunset on the Beach


Alex O’loughlin signing autographs after walking the red carpet.

jonas bros

The Jonas Brothers at the beginning of the red carpet doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Brooke Anderson.

I’ve never been to a Hollywood red carpet event, but I know for a fact that at a red carpet event in Hawaii, the Hollywood glitz will be intermingling with a lot of sand.

At least that’s how it was at Thursday’s Sunset on the Beach event that kicked off the season four premiere of Hawaii Five-0. Celebrities including many of the actors in the hit CBS series walked the sandy red carpet — and yes, that didn’t stop the ladies from wearing heels nor the men from wearing suits.

It makes me cringe because I know those heels were ruined.

Me and a co-worker with Alex O’loughlin at the Season 3 premiere of Hawaii Five-0 in 2012.

This year was my second time working the event as a part of the media photographers along the red carpet. I didn’t get a chance this year to snap a photo with anybody, but I will always remember when being part of the crew landed me this photo with Alex O’loughlin in 2012.

I love being part of the event “paparazzi” and I hate it. I’m in the know, which I love, and it’s exciting in this exclusive, busy sort of sense, but I also feel so bad that it’s my job to get up in these people’s faces and get good photos. Like every time Daniel Dae Kim comes around, who I love and respect, I am so apologetic. He is so gracious and patient. He tries to get to as many fans as possible, even if it throws him off schedule.


Daniel Dae Kim hopping back over the fence after signing autographs and greeting more fans.

I mean, he jumps fences. He literally goes out of his way to get to the ones who aren’t easy to get to — because they made the effort to be there.


Kevin Jonas during the Jonas Brothers free concert after the Hawaii Five-0 premiere.

The Jonas Brothers also made an appearance because Nick Jonas is going to be in an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0, and was currently filming his part. They gave a free concert after the season premiere, which was pretty cool of them. The mere mention of their names elicited screams from the young girls who were there just for them.

Aside from the fact that it was my second time working the event, earlier in the morning it was my first time going out on a shoot as a Promotions Producer. Brooke Anderson from Entertainment Tonight was in town to co-emcee the evening’s premiere, so we booked some of her time to do a local promo for the show which airs on one of our TV stations.


Shooting a local promo for Entertainment Tonight with Brooke Anderson at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

She and her crew met us at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and like a true professional, we got what we needed and we were done within 20 minutes. It was a pleasure working with Brooke. Aside from being a real professional, she is also very down-to-earth and easy to work with.


Me interviewing Brooke after the promo shoot.

I was also able to do a quick interview with her and ask her a few questions about Hollywood and why their cameras keep coming back to Hawaii, as well as what she was looking forward to about the evening premiere. Hopefully I’ll be able to put that up for you to see soon.

For your information… I was also wearing heels at the shoot on the beach in the sand, but I took them off because it was time to work

Anyway. It was a long, busy day to say the least, but those are truly the best days.


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