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Weekend Review: Goodwill Goes GLAM!

Our table at the Goodwill Gala and VIP Presale.

Our table at the Goodwill Gala and VIP Presale.

Being in marketing is exciting because it means you get to go to parties — fill tables, drink wine, and the like.

This weekend Goodwill Hawaii hosted its second annual Goodwill Goes GLAM! event, and I got to bring Jake along during their Thursday kick off for their Goodwill Gala and VIP Presale, before the weekend sale began which ran from Friday through Sunday (Sept. 20 – 22).

This event was right up my alley because my friends and I love to thrift, and this event boasted over 40,000 brand name, luxury, and vintage items in over 20,000 square feet of retail space in the Exhibition Hall the event was located in. And I had the chance to find these gems first?! A thrifting dream!

1,000 pieces were also donated from the production of the hit series Hawaii Five-O.

The first course: A decorative salad.

The first course: A decorative salad.

The night started off in the cocktail room with some appetizers from Kale’s Natural Foods. Steve Uyehara and Grace Lee, both from Hawaii News Now Sunrise, our morning news show, were emceeing.

Eventually we were led to our respective tables for dinner which was then followed by a fashion show. The models were dressed in clothes by Goodwill and styled to emulate a fashion icon or celebrity.

Right after the show a mad rush for the clothing racks and jewelry counter ensued. By this time I had had too much wine to care all that much and browsed through some dresses before deciding to retire for the night.

I also like to browse while I thrift, so the frenetic energy that filled the arena was making me feel rushed. And I personally think you can’t be rushed while treasure hunting.

All in all though, it was a fun first promotional outing.


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