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Daily: Football Sundays


Man, it’s great to have a weekend again. I haven’t had weekends off for over a year — and thanks to my new job, I’m back in business.

Jake’s new job also allows him weekends off, so in celebration of our first weekend off together, we ate all day Saturday, and finished it off with a bang at breakfast on Sunday.

Sundays this season means football. Jake is an Eagles fan so by default, I, the devoted girlfriend, am also one. Which is problematic because as a devoted daughter, my father is a Cowboys fan. Football fanatics, you feel me, right?

I found myself at Sports Fanaddicts, a sports bar near Ala Moana Center, around men drinking breakfast beers at 9:30 in the morning.

Did I mention one guy took a celebratory patron shot after one of the games?

Jake ordered his first Longboard and made a comment about the oddity of the taste of beer and tooth paste.

You know it’s obviously too early at this point, but I guess that’s just the beauty of America. And football.


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