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Daily: New job and new beginnings


In my little cubicle for the last time.

There is no excuse for an un-updated blog, but mine is because I just started my new job on Monday. After a year I’ve finally taken the steps I need, and with a little bit of luck and timing and a whole lot of hard work, I was able to land a job as a Promotions Producer at a local TV station.


A photo of my little production studio at my radio gig.

I left two jobs for this one — the career I’ve been dreaming of. I left the first job I ever had (in the touring industry), and have been at subsequently for about three years. I left in tears. I also left my radio gig. You can hear my last on-air newscast here.

People have been saying “television is in my blood,” after all, my parents both worked in the industry. It’s actually where they met. Growing up, I never said I wanted to emulate their career paths. In fact at one point I wanted to be a police officer because my dad had been one for a while. But work in TV? It never crossed my mind until I turned my back on print media, my first love, for the glamour that is the broadcast industry.

My journey started a year ago, right after I got out of college.Β I found this note I wrote to myself while I was beginning my job hunt, 491 days ago, according to my iPhone note app.


Stop being a pussy.

No one is going to hold your hand, no one is going to hand you anything.

You have to go out there and take what you want. Take it because you can. You’re talented and smart and you could do anything you wanted if you just DID it. Stop asking for permission. Stop waiting.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pick your ass up and go. You’re not a victim. You’re strong and independent, and sure it’s going to be tough, no one said it wouldn’t be, but you can do it.

So what? Go. What are you doing? Who are you? You’re Rachel Wagenman and that means something because you deserve to be here. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just because you deserve it doesn’t mean it will just be given to you, though. You still have to take it. So take it.

Now put your shoulders back, and no, you don’t look fat.

Tough love at it’s best. Thanks, past me. I needed every kick in the ass you gave me — look at how it all paid off. The future has never looked brighter.


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